1006 Walnut, Oolitic

Please read information carefully. Most questions can be answered with the information below. If you have substantial interest in this home please use the contact information below for questions. Thank you!


 All of our homes will have a 30 day warranty for all mechanical systems in the home including: electrical, plumbing, HVAC. 

1006 Walnut is a 2 bedroom/1 bath home and has had extensive remodeling and repairs performed.  It has a very large front room that could be used for a living room and dining room.   The house also has a very large basement, and a super cute screened in back porch, and large back yard. 

-New items in this home are:  Brand new HVAC and ductwork, new water heater, new carpet and flooring, new paint, light fixtures, the bathroom was gutted down to the studs and replaced.

The selling price of the house is $64,000.  We finance you.  The loan works the same as with a bank, but our company extends the loan, not a bank.  The mortgage payment will be approximately $572/month + $65/month property taxes + homeowner's insurance.  You get your own quote for insurance.

Minimum $3,000 down payment required

Loan details are $61,000 financed at 10% interest over 22 years.  

Financial Requirements:

1. Pricing of the home is fair market value and not negotiable

2. Applicants must have a  stable and well documented work history

3. Down payments are due at time of contract signing

Feel free to drive by the home and have a look.  If you have driven by the home, meet all requirements, are extremely interested and ready to buy, feel free to contact us.  Thank you!

EMAIL is the best way to contact us.  emails are normally answered within one business day except for weekends  buybedfordhomes@gmail.com

Phone: the phone is not normally answered.  Messages will normally take 2-3 business days to respond, not including weekends.  812.276.7956